Photo Recovery from Canon Camera

  • A powerful set of scanning algorithms recovers photos from Canon camera under all data loss scenarios
  • Canon Photo Recovery supports picture recovery from Canon camera that uses various brands of memory cards
  • Different versions of Canon Photo Recovery tool available for both Mac & Windows operating systems
  • Compatible to retrieve photos with Canon Powershot, Canon Ixus & Canon EOS
  • Easily perform Canon CF card recovery & restore images on SD, XD, SDHC or SDHC memory cards.

The invention of the digital cameras has modernized & simplified the process of capturing your real life memorable moments, with just one click. There are different brands of digital camera available in the market, Canon is the most preferred choice among the professional and even home users. Canon Ixus, Canon Powershot & Canon EOS are some of the popular brands in the Canon digital camera series. It provides high-quality images and has many other features to enhance its usage. These cameras use SD cards as their storage medium to store the captured images & videos. The SD cards are less prone to physical damage but the data might get deleted or go missing due to some logical failures.


Have you deleted some of the precious photos from your Canon digital camera & worried thinking what to do next? Don’t panic, as this article has the solution for all your data loss problems. To recover images from Canon camera is very easy by using an efficient data recovery tool like Canon Photo Recovery. The reason that makes recovery possible is that when you delete a file, the operating system just marks that space as available. The original data is not removed permanently from the drive. So, by making use of a recovery tool like Canon Photo recovery, these files can be easily located & can be recovered to a destination drive of the user’s choice. But there are some points that you have to remember as soon as you encounter data loss & perform photo recovery from Canon camera.

  • Immediately stop using the camera i.e. stop taking pictures
  • Do not save any new data on the affected SD card
  • The recovery tool should not be installed on the camera’s memory card
  • The restored files must not be saved on the same memory card from which the data is being retrieved

Why should you prefer this tool over others?

Canon Photo Recovery is the best solution when it comes to recovering images from Canon camera or its connected memory card. It has a powerful scanning algorithm that can perform photo recovery from Canon camera in just a few minutes. The wizard style interface helps the user to restore deleted/lost photos by following the on-screen instructions. Use Canon Photo Recovery tool to –

Restore RAW image files – Canon Photo Recovery tool is capable of retrieving JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP & many other photo file formats including the RAW file formats. Digital cameras create images in the RAW file format that has to be converted to a readable format. CR2 & CRW are the two RAW file formats that are created by Canon Digital cameras. This tool efficiently performs CR2 photo recovery from Canon camera of various models. To know more about CR2 file recovery visit here.

Perform Recovery on different models of Canon Digital Camera – The tool is compatible with Canon digital camera models like Canon PowerShot, Canon EOS, Canon Ixus. Among these, the Canon PowerShot is the most popular one. But being popular does not mean that it is free from data loss. There are many situations when you might lose your favorite pictures & want to recover images from Canon camera. Read more about recovering precious photos & videos from Canon PowerShot digital camera under various data loss scenarios.

Retrieve Pictures from various memory card brands – Canon digital cameras use different kind of the memory cards like SD card, SDHC, SDXC, CF card of various popular brands like Kingston, SanDisk, etc. This Canon Picture Recovery tool has the ability to restore pictures from corrupted or damaged SD card. (Visit to know the process.) As SD cards are vulnerable, therefore a prominent data recovery utility is very much required. The photo recovery from Canon camera can be performed by connecting the memory card via a memory card reader or directly connecting the camera containing the memory card to the system in which the software is installed.

How to carry out Photo Recovery on Canon Camera?

Step 1: Get the Canon Photo Recovery tool installed on your PC

Step 2: Connect the camera/card to the system

Step 3: Run the photo recovery application and press on Recover Photos option

Step 4: Now select either of Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos

Step 5: You are then supposed to choose the camera card storage from where the photos are to be restored

Step 6: The tool then begins to scan the card and avails all the recovered files for a preview

Step 7: The files from Canon camera can now be saved to an appropriate storage location

Precautions –

  • Always use “Safely Remove Hardware” option to eject the camera from the system.
  • Use an updated anti-virus to avoid virus infection.
  • Don's install the Canon Photo Recovery tool on the drive from which the files went missing.

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