Compress Canon RAW Files

Canon is a digital camera which is the most common and popular camera used now a days. These cameras are widely used mainly because of the features that it offers. You will get a better picture quality as it gives number of Megapixels camera, Optical Zoom, large LCD, Blur reduction mode and it is very easy to use with smart auto mode.

A RAW file is the image data that is exactly as captured on the Canon sensor. A RAW file is often referred to as digital negative as the data can be processed and printed in different ways to produce different results. RAW file never changes just like a film negative. When you open a RAW file in software app, it will be an actual copy of the data which opens. The original RAW file then be opened again and worked on to produce a completely different result. There are few RAW file formats such as RAW, M-RAW, S-RAW, etc. These RAW files offers few advantages and disadvantages like files can be modified after capture, widest range of colors recorded, maximum flexibility and largest files size, needs computer for processing respectively

There are two types of File Compression Techniques, one is lossy technique in which you may lose some of the image data. Other is lossless technique where there will no data loss, it will be similar to original data. Lossless compression technique is mainly used because it will not modify or lose any of the data from original file it means there will be no reduction in image quality.

When compared to JPEG compression, Canon RAW file compression can be saved at a quarter of the size of an uncompressed file. With RAW file compression, you will get a maximum resolution. However this not only takes up lots of storage space, but also increase the amount of time needed to store the images.

To achieve above mentioned features in your Canon digital camera you need to use a good compression tool, which compress all your Canon RAW files without affecting the originality of the image. You will find lots of tools on Google Play but you should know that those tools should not trouble you much in order to compress files and also they should be free from virus. So, you need to select a standard and safe tool to compress Canon RAW files. One such tool is Remo MORE Software; this software is highly recommended and reviewed by industry experts for Canon RAW file compression.

Remo MORE is the only software that is specially designed to compress Canon RAW files without affecting the originality of the image that is it ensures data security. This tool also provide you a better quality and resolution of the RAW image files. By using this tool, you can increase the storage space of your Canon digital camera and the time needed to store the image. It has a simple user interface that helps even non-technical person to use the software comfortably. Just by few clicks and your couple of minutes, Canon RAW file compression can be done.

Steps to know how to compress Canon RAW files:

Step 1 – First install the demo version of this application on your computer and launch it. Now from main screen, select "Compress & Burn" option from "Manage" tab as shown below.

Fig 1: Select Compress & Burn Option

Step 2 – From this window, you have to click on "Zip" option to compress RAW file.

Fig 2: Click on Zip Option

Step 3 – Here, you have to add the RAW file that you want to compress and then click on "Compress" button to complete the compression process as shown in figure 3.

Fig 3: Add RAW File and complete the compression process