Recovering Canon CR2 Files

Generally digital cameras create RAW type of image files. Raw images are somewhat like photo negatives that should be converted to a proper format by using an image converting tool so that you can view them on your laptop. The formats that are created by Canon digital camera are CR2 & CRW. These pictures are not immortal as data loss can happen at any time. So, the best option is to create backup of all your favorite or important files. But what happens if you lose the pictures from the backup too or the photos are lost before the backup is created? Don’t worry as the recovery of those deleted or lost files is possible because they are not permanently removed from the operating system. The memory space is just marked as free & the file is not visible in the directory structure. By using an effective recovery tool like Canon Photo Recovery, you can easily get back photos. For this tool, Canon photo recovery Mac doesn’t contain any crucial differences from recovering Canon photos on Windows. This tool supports all the latest versions of Windows and Mac for this recovery.

You may lose CR2 photo files due to accidental deletion, formatting of the memory card, corrupted memory card due to a virus infection or some other human errors like mishandling of the camera, taking picture on low battery, improperly ejecting the SD card from the camera or the camera from the system. But don't get frustrated as you can easily recover CR2 files. This photo recovery utility provides you the chance to recover the deleted / lost CR2 files easily and efficiently. You just have to connect your Canon Camera to a system & perform the photo recovery from corrupted SD card or any other memory card. Follow this link to know the process

Consider a common scenario, After coming back from a holiday, you tried to move the CR2 images from your Canon digital camera to your laptop. But you found that the images that you clicked on your entire trip are gone. The memory card of the camera is shown empty. This situation might break your heart, but you need not worry when you have the Canon Photo Recovery tool. Possibly the memory card got corrupted due to use with low battery or due to mishandling of the camera like ejecting the memory card improperly or switched it off suddenly after taking photos.  

Before you get to know the process to recover CR2 file, you should know why deleted or lost pictures could be restored from camera memory card or from any other storage device. When a file is deleted or lost, it is not removed permanently as only the entries to its location are erased and the memory space is marked as free so that  new files can be stored on it. The deleted file still resides on the memory card and can be retrieved easily until it is not overwritten by other files. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stop using the memory card from which you are looking to recover deleted or lost data.

Salient features of Canon Photo Recovery –

One of the key features of this software is the capability of retrieving your lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible Canon camera RAW images like Canon CR2/CRW format files. Not only RAW images, but general picture file formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc. can also be easily retrieved using the powerful algorithm of this utility. To know the photo recovering capability of this software with Canon PowerShot camera, Canon Ixus or any other Canon brand, click here. It is a read-only program that does not modify the original files or damage them any further. The recovered images can be previewed to judge the tool’s performance in the demo version. The user can even save the current recovery session so that after purchasing he / she does not have to rescan the entire drive. You can easily perform Canon CF card recovery & recovery on other compatible memory cards with Canon digital cameras.

How to recover CR2 files?

Step 1 – Connect the camera to your system. Download & install the software & run it. From the main screen select “Recover Photos” option.

Recover CR2 Files - Welcome Screen

Step 2 – Select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next screen.

Recover CR2 Files - Select Recover Deleted or Lost Photos

Step 3 – Now choose the Canon camera drive from the list of logical or physical drives. Click the next arrow button to start the recovery process.

Recover CR2 Files - Select drive

Step 4 – After that a list of recovered files is generated.

Recover CR2 Files - Recovered Data

Step 5 – Preview & save the restored files.

Recover CR2 Files - Save Recovered